Commercialisation At Massey University

Commercialisation At Massey

Whether you are student or staff, Massey Ventures can help you along your commercialisation journey.

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Massey Ventures, Funding Available at Massey

Funding Available at Massey

At Massey Ventures we provide access to early stage investment through three fund types:

Massey University Research Funding
Massey Commercialisation Funding

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Massey Ventures provides access to PreSeed Accelerator Funding to commercialise University research.

At Tier 1 you can access up to $80k for initial work. E.g., Proof of concept, Intellectual property protection, or market validation.

At Tier 2 you can access $250k or more for technical development, patents, market research, industry engagement, developing a business model, licensing, and forming a start-up.

Massey University Student Investment Fund
Student Investment Fund

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The Student Investment Fund supports Massey University Student entrepreneurs in the technical development of their start-ups.

Students can access up to $25k investment, along with a work-space on campus and mentorship.

Follow the link below to find out more and apply.

Massey University Impact Investment
Impact Investment

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Massey Ventures impact investment can be used for projects that benefit society and local communities.


Impact projects need a clear link to the University, such as building on Massey Research or involving strategically important communities


While the project does not need to be hugely profitable, it does need to be financially viable and self-sustaining.

Massey Ventures, IP at Massey

Intellectual Property at Massey

Intellectual property (IP) management helps to protect creations of the mind. Below are some common types of intellectual property that you may encounter on your commercialisation journey.


If you think any of the following apply to your research, contact us as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property Ownership

University Funded Intellectual Property

In general, Massey University claims legal and beneficial ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights generated under the auspices of the University (see the University's Intellectual Property Policy). This might include research they have funded, or work that was conducted by University employees.


If the intellectual property shows commercial potential, the Massey Ventures team will work with the creators to protect and commercialise the intellectual property. The University offer several benefits for staff that choose to work with us and commercialise their ideas.

If the University decides they no longer wish to commercialise the intellectual property then individuals can request that the intellectual property rights be transferred to the inventors.

Student Intellectual Property

It is Massey Ventures' position that any intellectual property that is solely generated by students remains the property of that student. However, if the student wishes, they can still access funding and support from Massey Ventures.

Massey Ventures, Benefit Sharing at Massey

Benefit Sharing at Massey



Massey Ventures’ commercialisation deals are structured to ensure inventors receive a fair share of the benefits, such as percentage of net revenue or equity shares in a spinout company. The inventors’ collective benefit share is typically between 30-70%, depending on their contributions as an Inventor and whether they continue their involvement as a Founder.

Every project is different. That’s why Massey Ventures are flexible when negotiating a deal that ensures each party’s contributions are fairly reflected. The graphic below gives some examples of how Massey Ventures has negotiated deals in the past. Keep in mind that deals are subject to the terms of the agreement and that benefit shares may change over time; for example, to reflect additional investment from Massey Ventures or a third party.

Massey Ventures, FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions