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Our Portfolio

Massey Ventures has developed a strong portfolio of investments.


Find out more about our current investments:

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Retrabac Therapeutics Ltd is developing a topical anti-bacterial treatment combining three known compounds to target resistant bacteria.

Initial applications will focus on treating burns and soft tissue infection. 


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Nanophage Technologies is developing novel technologies for diagnostic testing and vaccine delivery.

Nanophage is a joint venture between Massey Ventures and   Bridgewest Ventures.

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A co-investment with the Matū Fund, Ampersand Technologies Ltd is developing fast, cheap and accurate DNA-based diagnostics for horticulture, agriculture and environmental applications.

The first diagnostic test proved effective in identifying the pathogen responsible for kāuri dieback, a disease threatening New Zealand’s native kāuri tree.


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Novolabs was founded to commercialize a novel ultraviolet (UV) light technology to rapidly disinfect liquids. The Supercritical UV technology provides a new cost effective solution for treating low-clarity liquids such as cloudy wastewater.

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Good Feeding Ltd is focused on infant nutrition, providing tools and guides covering flavour training feeding programs to give babies the best nutritional start to life.


They provide a subscription based baby food service using innovative technology that preserves texture, flavour, and colour.

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Koru Diagnostics Ltd is commercializing diagnostic tests for mastitis, a disease that costs the world’s dairy industry $30 billion per-annum.


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Wrybill Robotics is developing  a robotic platform for remote inspection of substations. Two robots are currently active with Transpower NZ in remote substations.

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Pictor Ltd is collaborating with Massey  University to develop a diagnostic test that detects Johne’s Disease and pregnancy from a single milk sample.


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Glory League Stats Ltd is an automated video engagement system for amateur basketball. Players can access quality full game videos, personal highlight reels, and stats.


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HARDL is an R&D company utilizing hyperspectral imaging technology for a range of applications. It is the shareholder in Hyperceptions Ltd


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A joint venture between Grasslanz Technologies Ltd and Hyper-analytics Research and Development Ltd (HARDL).


MI8 Optics uses hyperspectral imaging to detect and identify endophytes in selected ryegrass seed lines.

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A joint venture between Hyper-analytics Research and Development Ltd (HARDL) and Ravensdown. Hyperceptions is focused on remote sensing applications of hyperspectral imagery technology in the primary sector. 

Using imagery captured from a fixed wing plane, Hyperceptions develops soil fertility maps that guide fertilizer plans for New Zealand’s hill country.


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Based in Palmerston North, Biolumic Ltd develops systems using UV light to increase productivity of commercial horticulture crops.

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A joint venture between NZ company Comfort Group and Massey Ventures. Compress Tech Ltd will commercialize a pressure sensing surface with multiple applications.


Comfort Group has an exclusive license to use the technology in beds.


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Lifeonics Ltd has developed a miniaturized spectrophotometer for use in fermentation processes.

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Digital Learning Solutions Ltd is a software development company, specialising in the development of e-learning platforms for academic and business training.

Digital Learning Solutions
Digital Learning Solutions
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Polybatics Ltd is a biotechnology company based in Palmerston North with patented bio-bead technology for use in vaccine delivery, diagnostic, and other applications.

PolyBatics Ltd
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Magritek Ltd, makes instruments based on NMR and MRI technology.

With the company trading in the global market Massey Ventures successfully exited the majority of its shareholding, retaining a small share.