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About the Massey Innovation Prize

The Massey Innovation Prize is awarded by Massey Ventures Ltd to Massey University staff and students with innovative ideas that show commercial potential. Massey Ventures works with the shortlisted entries to refine their idea and develop an Investment Pitch. The finalists are invited to present their idea to a panel of judges. The expert judging panel will assess the finalists and select the idea they think has the greatest commercial potential.


The winner of the Massey Innovation Prize receives up to $50,000 seed investment. The prize is not a grant or free money. It is an investment toward achieving commercial outcomes which may include the sale or licensing of the idea, or the formation of a spin-out company.


Access to follow-on investment is potentially available through Massey Ventures via the PreSeed Accelerator fund of up to $250,000 provided the project makes satisfactory progress.

How to Enter​


Submit your Massey Innovation Prize entry using the online form (link below). Answer all questions about your project to the best of your ability. The Massey Ventures team are always happy to help you with this. Successful applicants will be notified of the next steps.

Massey Innovation Prize, Enter Now

Entries have closed for 2023

Enter Now

Massey Innovation Prize Process:

Entries Open

Submit your entries via the link above.


September 3rd – Entries close at 11:59 PM

Submissions received after this time may be ineligible.


September 8th – Shortlisted entries are notified
September 18th to 26th  – 1-on-1 Workshops

Massey Ventures works individually with the shortlisted teams to refine their idea and develop an Investment Pitch.


October 6th – Massey Innovation Prize Finals

Finalists present their idea at the Massey Innovation Prize finals to a panel of  external judges.

The judges will assess ideas based on their commercial potential and select a winner for the seed investment prize.


The Massey Innovation Prize is a competition for staff and students to test their big idea. The winning entry receives up to $50,000 of seed investment to commercialise their idea.

Applications have now closed for 2023, but we can still help you with your big idea! Get in touch to find out more or enter below.

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